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We have known Don since 2005 when we sold our home in the Mount Vernon area using Don as our agent. He is from the area, and knows all the ins and outs of his profession. There is no one better at handling all the details from start to finish. From listing, showing, negotiating, and closing,  Don is the only person that we would ever trust to get the job done! Thank you, Don!


We first met Don as a loan officer when he was referred to us by a friend to refinance our condominium. We did several refinances with him subsequently and decided to use him as our real estate broker when we moved. The property we liked and decided to buy looked nice but there were unforeseen  problems. Don discovered a bathroom and a fireplace had not been permitted and both had big problems. We were able to negotiate the price downwards so we could correct these problems after we closed and with the money we saved. We could have lost thousands.

 10/15/2017 – melissamwinborn

Don was my agent when I purchased my first home which was a foreclosure. Several days before settlement it was discovered the bank had put the wrong legal description in the auction notice creating a major title issue. The upside was the property was appreciating rapidly but the bank tried to use  the title issue to get out of the contract so they could sell the property at a higher price. He fought for me! It was a frustrating experience and a lot of hard negotiating back and forth on his end but in the end it was worth it when I finally settled at the original contract price which was well under the market with the title issue resolved. I believe that his expert knowledge and experience got me the home I wanted at the price I would afford. I couldn’t have done it without him.

 10/04/2017 – frank.howard

I hired Don to represent me on the sale of a new home. The contract was over 40 pages and was a maze with many pitfalls. Don was able to go over and explain every paragraph to make sure we knew exactly what we were getting into. Things went smoothly for the most part but some big issues did come up  that Don was able to resolve with multiple solutions. I wouldn’t think of using any one else for my real estate related activities.

 10/04/2017 – hilkkawn

We used Don’s services a couple of times and the word Excellence comes to mind in the services he provides. I would highly recommend Don’s services should you need a relator or a mortgage, very impressive, saved us a ton of money on our mortgage and found us the right home at the right price! If  you are looking to sell or a home or mortgage, then look no further as Don Bruce (one stop shopping).

 09/29/2017 – fceberhardt

Don is a long time resident of the area and knows the schools and neighborhoods . I had set my search limit at $500k and was trying to buy a house in a neighborhood that i liked very much. It turned out that the sell of the house that i had written a contract on had not disclosed that they had a  third mortgage on the home. while this was being discovered don went driving around the neighborhood and found a house that was just above my search limit. Don was able to negotiate a deal and get the house within my budget.If don had not gone out driving around, I would have never seen that listing.

Highly likely to recommend

09/29/2017 – tgourley

Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Fairfax, VA.

Don Bruce has handled 5 properties for our family. I am in the real estate transaction business and have been exposed to many real estate professionals. Don has the depth of experience and the knowledge to bring the parties together and consummate transactions. He is focused and efficient.   There are many ways a transaction can jump off the tracks, but Don anticipates every step and keeps a firm hand on the tiller. I would not consider purchasing or selling another property without his involvement. I am happy to pay full commissions for his services because I know he has my back.

 09/28/2017 – jcampbell0528

After a bad experience with my first realtor, I wanted a quick sale and Don delivered! My house went on the market Aug. 8 and closed Sept. 18. The process went smoothly, thanks to Don’s expertise, and his help with a maintenance issue requiring repair was invaluable.

 09/26/2017 – gmkoehler

We listed our property with Don and the whole transaction went very smooth from beginning to end. His approach to selling is unique from other agents we have used in the past and he will represent us on our next purchase. Five stars to Don.

 Highly likely to recommend

 10/01/2016 – curtis168

There is a significant difference between a real estate agent and agent/adviser. I highly recommend using Don as your agent/adviser as he kept my wife and I from purchasing homes that would not have been as fitting to our needs as the one we ended up getting.

 09/27/2016 – LuiceeAnnSmithson

Best real estate agent ever. There is a significant difference between a real estate agent and a real estate adviser. We were going to buy a different home only to find out that there were issues that we weren’t aware of and the selling agent was hiding from us. Without Don we would have made a  bad decision. Fortunately, we had him as our agent.

Don has years of experience and will word very hard to assist you in your buying or selling quest. His expert knowledge of the industry and expert negotiating skills are top notch! My sale was not an easy one, but he stuck with me the entire journey and went the extra mile in every sense of the  word, to make sure the sale went smoothly. I HIGHLY recommend you hire Don for your next sale or buying needs!